Solihull Motorway Service Area

Economic and Social Benefits

New Jobs created

Located at the heart of the UKC Growth Area, the MSA is a £65 Million investment.

300 permanent jobs will be created once the MSA is operational, with further additional jobs created during the construction phase, through supply chain opportunities and indirectly through the spending of employees.

Other Local Benefits

We are keen to ensure that the local community and local area benefits from the development. Ideas so far include:

Walford Hall Farm

A separate application to restore Walford Hall Farm House (which is a Grade II* Listed Building) and associated outbuildings has been submitted. This sensitive restoration will include conversion of the buildings to office space. It is estimated that 40-50 employees could be accommodated as a result of the conversion, although that would depend upon the end-user. Photographs of Walford Hall Farm and a layout plan can be found to the right.

Local Bus Service

We are keen to ensure that local people who wish to work at the MSA are able to get there by public transport. We are, therefore, considering how we can provide support for the local bus service, in a way which would benefit not only employees, but also the local community. We are also investigating provision of a mini bus service for employees, which will connect to key transport hubs.

Alleviating HGV Parking Problems

There are problems with HGV parking on local roads, in local lay-bys and on private land, as drivers stop to take a break. This creates environmental health and other issues. The proposed MSA will provide parking spaces for HGVs using the Motorway Network, enabling drivers to stop in a safe and secure environment, with access to full facilities. This will benefit both the local area and HGV drivers on the Motorway Network. Extra has won national awards for its ‘safe by design’ MSAs and maintains high operating standards, which together make their MSAs attractive and secure places for HGV drivers to stop.